Elementary schoolboy to female student becomes a prostitute in Kalibata City, this is the charge

Escord Article / 11 September, 2019

Elementary schoolboy to female student becomes a prostitute in Kalibata City, this is the charge

Elementary Boy Up To Campus Children Become Pets Kalibata City Pimp

Head of Sub Directorate of Youth, Children and Women (Renakta) Directorate of the Jakarta Police Directorate General Adjunct Senior Commissioner Azhar Nugroho explained how pimps at Kalibata City Apartments recruit children to work as commercial sex workers.Website Bandar Togel313 Terpercaya .


According to him, the woman initials RMV and two other suspects were looking for girls who had dropped out of school.

“(Most) dropped out of school, of which five people (minors were made as sex workers). On average there are elementary and junior high schools,” said Azhar at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Wednesday (08/08/2018).

Children recruited as “night butterflies” come from a number of areas in Jakarta and outside the region.

“Yes, from everywhere, Jakarta and surrounding areas,” he said.

In addition to school dropouts, the pimps also persuaded a number of female students at several campuses in Jakarta to find extra money as prostitutes.

At least this pimp trio has 15 sex workers who are ready to serve the passions of a johns. This was revealed when police raided the Kalibata City Apartment on Thursday (2/8/2018).

The prostitutes who were jailed had to give a deposit of Rp. 300 to the pimps if they had served the sex of the customers.

According to Azhar, the Rp.300,000 deposited by prostitutes was rented as a room in the Kalibata City Apartment which was used as a brothel.

“Pay to the prostitutes, then (given) to pimps,” he said.

The rates set by prospective customers in the Esek-Esek business in Kalibata City range from Rp 500 thousand to Rp 1 million.

However, Azhar did not specify how much profit from the pimp trio during the prostitution business. He only explained, every day, the suspects could get more than two customers through social media applications, BeeTalk and We Chat.

“It could be 2 or 3 (customers). Sometimes there are only two rooms per day, so they take turns. So if there are more than 2, 3 people,” he said.