Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist

Danger Terror / 20 September, 2019

Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist

Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist

Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist AADEWA The Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) group was found wanting to carry out acts of terrorism on May 22. Police Public Relations Head of Police Headquarters Inspector General of Police Muhammad Iqbal said, the antipathy demonstration actions obtained by the recapitulation of the 2019( general election) vote were used to mount terrorism within the country to create an atmosphere of clashes.

Iqbals intention was after the confession of several JAD terrorism suspects World Health Organization were successfully arrested

Anti- terror squad of the National Police Headquarters, Detachment 88 as far as May 2019.” They designed amaliah or terror behavior by engulfing mobs of citizens on May 22 tomorrow using bombs,” said Iqbal during a press conference at the Police Public Relations Section, South Jakarta( South Jakarta), Friday( 17 or 5).

In the press rapat, his group showed a film proving one of the terrorist suspects named Kuasi DY World Health Organization would plan to carry out terrorist acts on May 22, 2019.

” I DY, another name J, another name B, presides lewat some friends to carry out the practice on May 22, 2019, by using the remote. At the same time there will be a mob mob. A good event for me to carry out the practice. Because the populist event is Envy of the great heart which abolished Islam,” said DY in the film.

For Iqbal, the JAD group is indeed using the political atmosphere at this time to open up the ruang for the latest clashes in the midst of the residents.

However, he said, this JAD group, was not a component of those World Health Organization Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist participated in the concept of behavior denying or supporting the acquisition of elections on May 22.” Because they are( JAD), not justifying democracy. People are not as ideologically similar as they are,” Iqbal said.

Detachment 88 as far as May 2019 is indeed a streak in carrying out detention of terrorism suspects. Iqbal explained, as far as the moon there were 29 terrorism suspects arrested.

Those arrested 18 included terrorism suspects World Health Organization are active every day in Jakarta, Bekasi and Karawang in West Java( West Java). Detention was also tried in Nganjuk, East Java( East Java), as well as in Bitung North Sulawesi( North Sulawesi).

In contrast to 11 other suspects, Detachment 88 successfully arrested one by one in several cities in Java recently. For Iqbal, the detention of 11 terrorism suspects in Java was part of a later duration, so the acquisition of terrorism searches was very risky.

Some of those World Health Organization were arrested, were lay warriors in Syria. Some of them, among others, were found to have explored the upgrading of paramilitary nurseries with Daesh or ISIS, which became an outline of terrorism networks.

” And they are being active like the JAD body,” Iqbal said.

Iqbal increased, Detachment 88 had the intention of those World Health Organization were arrested, keeping a number of meaningful secrets in the JAD jaringan. Because Detachment 88 is currently in the tracking of several other JAD cells located in Lampung. The suspects, World Health Organization are currently in the tracking process, are worried that the police would want to continue the behavior of terrorism on 22 May.

The number of terrorism suspects arrested so far in Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist May fulfills the tracking value of the JAD biro. Iqbal writes, Detachment 88 as far as 2019 until Friday (17 or 5) has carried out the detention of 68 terrorism suspects.

Of that number 8 among others were arrested in a situation of earth death due to hot lead paid by Detachment 88 officers, or an attempt to explode with a suicide bomb when detained.” Sort of like what happened when the Sibolga bombing( North Sumatra),” said Iqbal.

Iqbal appealed for citizens not to get down on track at the Revelation of the Momentum Amaliah of Terrorist moment of the announcement of the 2019 election vote recapitulation by the Ordinary Commission on May 22. The appeal was made after the National Police Terror Headquarters detailed the vulnerability of terrorist behavior to coincide with that.

” On May 22 tomorrow, we will call so that there are nomor mobs,” said Iqbal.