Surprising Facts About ISIS

About ISIS / 1 October, 2019

Surprising Facts About ISIS

Surprising Facts About ISIS

Surprising Facts About ISIS is a name for the terrorist movement that is leading this century. The emergence of ISIS is to replace Al- Qaeda which began to weaken after the death of Osama Laden and the establishment of the Afghan proxy empire led by Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani.

ISIS emerged around 2013 and became very strong in a short period and succeeded in attracting thousands of jihadi fighters to jointly establish the” Daula Islamiyyah” centered in Syria and Iraq. Even though it seems that ISIS has lost in their stronghold, the series of attacks and agitasi ISIS continues to be eternal and growing. However, there are some interesting facts that should be known publicly about ISIS which have successfully played on religious issues to achieve their hidden skedul.

The bermain case that we should understand is that ISIS has its own government system. Country and portfolio system. ISIS succeeded in making Syria and Iraq their own countries, also known as Daula Islamiyyah.

All residents living in Syria and Iraq held by ISIS are considered as their people. Residents living in this country are required to comply with applicable laws, including the use of a burqa or black cadur for women, keeping a beard and dressed as a warrior fighter for men, a barrier to telephone and television access, nomor immediate western food, water supply etc. another thing.

ISIS has a Khalifah, namely Abu Bakar al- Baghdadi and 12 cabinet ministers World Health Organization are appointed mesyuarah or joint agreement. These 12 ministries include virtue, religion, defense, law, safety, alat and others. This government system also has an army which is ranked and paid a salary, while the population also needs to pay excise tax and buy necessities with the kingdom.

The second case is related to recruitment. ISIS has the power to recruit new experts, mostly done through social alat. Thousands of prey have been cleansed by their minds to agree to the ISIS struggle and able to come to Iraq and Syria to carry out the demands of jihad. What is even more surprising is that not less than 20, 000″ converts” have succeeded in being recruited by ISIS until they are able to pawn lives by becoming bombers World Health Organization dare to die everywhere. In fact, social alat makes ISIS have access to every perseorangan in the world without any restrictions.

The emergence of solo warriors or lone- wolf has become commonplace due to a partition by a kingdom. So the easy way is through social alat such as Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, Telegram and others. So dont expect it until there are female students from UKM World Health Organization have successfully been arrested by the Turkish authorities because they tried to enter Syria, and have been recruited through social alat.

The third fact is the spread of ISIS agitasi that applies on a large scale. ISIS has the capacity and ability to make puncak use of mass alat. The film of the journalist John Foleys slaughter and the burning of the captured Jordan gate are important points of ISIS agitasi. Since that incident, the series of cruelty exposure have been published on YouTube and other related alat. The atrocities shown have become commonplace and basic in the struggle of ISIS. It does not frighten ISIS followers, but rather makes them more eager to deliver messages to the enemies of Islam.