The 11 September 2001 WTC Tragedy

Danger Terror / 25 September, 2019

The 11 September 2001 WTC Tragedy

The 11 September 2001 WTC Tragedy

So many conspiracy theories Every September 11 we know that it is great news that surprises the world. The WTC tragedy that occurred on 11 September 2001 was very frightening and left a conspiracy theory behind it.

According to the official report, approximately 3 thousand people were spared the incident. On the morning of 11 September 2001, there were two planes that crashed intentionally in the direction of two twin towers.

The building, known as the World Trade Center in New York, immediately collapsed for two hours.

Allegations directly directed at al- Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden. According to CBC News reports, Osama Bin Laden initially refused to be involved, but was finally agreed to be responsible for the attack.

Illuminati: Just a Conspiracy Theory or Real?

17 years ago, the United States( US) immediately responded with an Afghan attack to overthrow the Taliban World Health Organization protected members of al- Qaeda.

In May 2011, Barrack Obama, the then US president, announced that Osama had been shot dead by US marines.

The tragedy that killed many people kept asking questions because there were some irregularities in it.

Many people World Health Organization helped him believed that this was a plane that was launched before the plane hit. This is something that was deliberately hidden.

Quoted from the BBC, a professor of philosophy and religious theology along with David Ray Grifin accused the US government of being involved in the attack in his 2004 book.

The book entitled The New Pearl Harbor reveals hidden facts and irregularities in them.

Various official organizations began making both offline and online with the help of netizens after the incident. In 2006 an architect named Ricahrd Gage founded the Architect and Engineer for 9 atau 11 Truth( AE911 Truth).

The organization consists of a combination of engineers and architectural professionals World Health Organization question the facts in asking government officials.

Confusion also happens a lot because there are several alat that preach the tragedy of the WTC 20 minutes before the incident occurred.

On the day he spent the attack, Matt Campbell was on vacation together. At that time his brother named Geoff was at the World Trade Center.

Matt( middle) and Geoff( far right).(BBC)

Geoff was found dead in the tragedy at the age of 31 years. Matt Campbell has since questioned parties as to what happened.

Matt said he had to request information from the FBI and other agencies requesting 9 atau 11.

” This creates a debate. Sometimes they say that they are protected from actual disclosure because they think it can trigger the law enforcement process,” Matt Campbell said during an interview.

Matt Campbell doesnt want to ask.

A 2016 study from Chapman University in California, found more than half of Americans trust the government for information about the 9 atau 11 attacks.

The tragedy of the WTC 09 atau 11.( Washington Times)

Parts of the official US government report have been deleted for years and some important information is still missing.

Some conspiracy theories issued by liars even involve the US government involved or officials World Health Organization approve the memindahkan.

Experts agree that this conspiracy theory is spread offline or online( through netizens) and lasts long because there are irregularities and discrepancies in what is happening.

The conspiracy theory arises because relatively small men with low technology( terrorists) can create highly sophisticated attacks and mass murder.