“Head to Head” Official Motorcycle Workshop Vs General Workshop

Uncategorized / 10 May, 2020

"Head to Head" Official Motorcycle Workshop Vs General Workshop

“Head to Head” Official Motorcycle Workshop Vs General Workshop

Almost everyone has a means of transportation called motorcycle. Every house almost always has at least one motorcycle. Not even a few who have two, three, or more motorbikes in their homes.

The brand is also diverse, the model also varies. As a means of transportation consisting of aspects of machinery and also electronics, it is natural that we sometimes encounter a motorcycle that is damaged.

Whether it’s breaking down, the operating system is disrupted making it uncomfortable to drive, and so on. Therefore, every person who has a motorcycle or other motorized vehicle will regularly service the vehicle at any given period. Maybe once a month to change oil, replace certain parts, and the like.

But even though service activities are routinely carried out, it is not certain to guarantee that the vehicle will be free from problems such as the possibility of breaking down or others. So inevitably the vehicle must be brought back to the garage to be given further handling.

Servicing motor vehicles in trouble can be done in any workshop. Some people might prefer to do service at authorized workshops according to the manufacturer of the motor vehicle. However, quite a number also do service in public workshops. New vehicles produced by dealers are generally serviced in official workshops.

While the old output vehicles, especially vehicles with unclear letters or documents such as vehicle registration, many use the services of public workshops. Regarding the servicing of official workshops with public workshops, it is difficult to ascertain which is better in providing services.

In certain situations official workshops might be better. But in other situations, a public workshop can defeat an official workshop in providing solutions to problems that occur in our motorized vehicles.

As a motorized vehicle owner, especially a motorcycle, I have serviced vehicles quite often in several different motorcycle workshops. For official workshops I’ve tried in several different places.

Likewise with the general workshop. From my experience trying a number of these workshops, for some of the official workshops that I visited, it turned out that some of them were unable to provide the right solution for my motorcycle problem. His diagnosis was not on target.

Because I once experienced problems with my motorcycle injection system which resulted in the frequent death of vehicles when driving through bumpy roads. The technician at the workshop suggested that a new injector be replaced, which is also not cheap. After the service is finished, it looks like my motorcycle is back to normal.

Do not die when worn over bumpy roads. But apparently not until one day later, the same problem arises again. This time I took him to a public workshop and made a similar complaint.